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Department of Dental Technology and Materials Science



Early dental education policy in Taiwan only focused in training dentists, but not to train their assistants, resulting in many sequelae. In contrast, in view of the increasingly specialized dental science that the traditional way of dental care must be changed, some advanced countries, such as the United States, Japan and other European countries separated the profession of dental restoration from the dental science to make it independent to meet the social needs. However, because of the lack of formal trained dental technicians to assist the dentists, dental restorations were mostly conducted by apprentices based on their personal experiences. At that time, most of the apprentices didn’t received appropriate professional trainings to manufacture oral prostheses, resulting in many medical disputes.

In view of this, the university set up the Department of Dental Technology in 1981 to raise the level of oral prosthetic skill of dental technicians to promote dental health of the citizens. The students had received education of dental technology for 5 years. The university was promoted and renamed to Chungtai Institute of Health and Technology in 1998.The following year, the department was approved to recruit students for 2-year and 4-year BS programs.

With the rapid advance of materials science and technology, the dental technology has been greatly promoted. Since the progress of dental technology and the development of material science are closely related, in 2009 the Department was again renamed to Department of Dental Technology and Materials Science. Among the technical universities in Taiwan, our Department is currently the only one focusing on expertise in dental technology and R&D in material science. In addition to holding well-recognized reputation, our university has also received acclaim in the Asia-Pacific region (especially in Southeast Asia) for its contribution in healthcare professional nurturing and achievement in company-university cooperation, In addition, in order to be in line with the government's policy towards the south and to benefit the overseas Chinese, the Overseas Chinese Youth Dental Technology Training Program was established in 2013,to recruit Malaysian overseas Chinese students to provide them the opportunity to receive the education of dental technology. The department was also approved to establish the MS program at the same year and started recruiting graduate students.

•The Department of Dental Technology was established in August, 1981 and started recruiting I class of students. It is the first class in Taiwan.
• In December, 1998, the Department was reorganized and started recruiting students of 2-year and 4-year BS programs.
• In 2008, the Department was renamed to Department of Dental Technology and Materials Science.
• The Master of Science (MS) program was established in 2013 and started recruiting students in 2014.
• In 2013, the Department was approved by Overseas Community Affairs Council, Taiwan, to establish the “Training Class of Dental Technology for Youth Overseas Chinese” to recruit Malaysian overseas Chinese.