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Department of Dental Technology and Materials Science



The course objectives are to cultivate professionals for the design and manufacturing of dental prosthetics as well as research and development in dental materials.
The areas of study in our program include Clinical Dental Morphology and Lab., Design of Fixed Denture and Lab., Design of Completed Denture and Lab., Design of Removable Partial Denture and Lab., Design and Application of Orthodontic Technology and Lab., Science of Precise Dental Attachment and Lab., Science of Dental Imaging, Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, Dental CAD/CAM, Dental English, Application and Maintenance of Dental Equipments, Applied Science of Articulator, Material Physics, Oral Anatomy and Physiology, Dental Technician Management, Full Porcelain and Ceramics Techniques, Advanced Dental Implants, Science of Biomaterials, Analysis of Materials, Clinical Case Discussion, and Gnathology.